Unique technology

Most micronizers operate on the principle of colliding particle with each other at high speeds. Our technology is based on subjecting the particle to rapid shifts in air pressure and flow directions. Hence, the particle is breaking along its natural dents, cavities or crystal defects. The result is a “clean cut” that is not accompanied with compression or amorphization of crystal surface.


Since the particles do not need to move at high speeds, we can micronize substances such as:

  • Paper, fibers
  • Leaves, natural products
  • Soft/elastic substances such as polymers
  • Hard particles – minerals, ceramics Etc.
  • Delicate crystals – Pharmaceutical active ingredients and excipients.


The special airflow dynamics in the system imply that the lowest air pressure point is located within the micronizer. There is no Venturi injector or inlet hoppers that could clog as long as the micronizer is running.