Since the particles do not need to move at high speeds, we can micronize substances such as:

  • Paper, fibers
  • Leaves, natural products
  • Soft/elastic substances such as polymers
  • Delicate crystals – Pharmaceutical active ingredients and excipients


Examples of successful applications:

Hard and super-hard materials:

Milling to a size of d50=2-4µ

Examples of materials: Zirconium, Boron-Carbide, Silicon-Carbide, Tungsten-Carbide, Boron Nitride, Alumina (Corundum), Silicon Nitride.


Rare Earths:

Milling to a size of d50=0.9 µ

Examples: Yttrium Oxide, Neodymium Oxide, Dysprosium Oxide, Erbium Oxide.



Milling to a size of d50=0.3 µ or according to the customer’s requirement.

Examples: Deferent kinds of Organic and non-organic pigments.


Food Additives:

Particle size is aimed at according to customer’s requirements.

Examples: Vitamins, Three Calcium Citrate, Mono, Sodium Citrate, Soya, tomatoes.



Particle size is aimed according to customer’s requirements.

We have been very successful with this group of materials and met various customers’ requirements.


Chemicals and Minerals:

SuperFine has many installations for chemicals and minerls, meeting various customer requirements.  In many cases the technology is a sole solution where other milling technologies fail.