Micronization has been for many years a key process in processing powders for special applications where size ranges of 10 microns or less are needed. Nevertheless, the air-jet milling technology has seen very few improvements.

Limitations of commercial technologies today are mainly:

  • Accelerating particles to collide at very high speeds result in particle degradation and increase of amorphous content, especially on the particle’s surface.
  • Obtaining particles smaller than 5 microns often require multiple passes in the micronizer, yielding inferior crystalline quality as well as process inefficiency
  • Handling sticky, fluffy or semi-dry particles is difficult.
  • Micronizers are sensitive to blockages at feeding points (i.e. the Venturi injector) and nozzles.
  • Due to the specificity of the technology, many customers lack the required expertise to maximize machine performance, develop process for new products and trouble shoot quality or operational issues.


SuperFine’s technology overcomes these limitations.