In addition to our capabilities to handle hard and abrasive products, Superfine’s low energy consumption provide more cost effective manufacturing compared to other mills, especially in large volumes. Comparison study shows that our mills can be operated for about half of air pressure and half of the air volume compared to standard jet-mills. We have a proven performance the following minerals and rare-earths:

  • Sand
  • Yttrium Oxide
  • Neodymium Oxide
  • Dysprosium Oxide
  • Erbium Oxide


Rare Earths – Dysprosium Oxide: 

Dysprosium Oxide d(10)=0.4 d(50)=0.87 d(90)=1.71

Rare Earths – Erbium Oxide: 
Erbium Oxide d(10)=0.3 d(50)=0.72 d(90)=2.03

Rare Earths – Neodymium Oxide: 
Neodymium Oxide d(10)=0.23 d(50)=0.5 d(90)=1.31

Rare Earths – Yttrium Oxide: 
Yttrium Oxide d(10)=0.35 d(50)=0.78 d(90)=1.43